Malicious Intentions contact information at a quick glance.

PHONE:           315.51.GAMER

E-MAIL:           Social Response

ADDRESS:      Twin Falls, ID 83301

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About Us

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We are a diverse group of streamers and content creators whom originally formed to assist and help everyone get the recognition they deserve.


Malicious Intentions was first founded in 2000. Formed by a random group of people from across the globe whom came together to play Halflife: Counter Strike Mod.


After the group disbanded in 2001, Tylegn breathed new life into the group in 2016, and officially registered the organization in 2017 as Malicious Intentions, LLC.


Malicious Intentions continues to help streamers grow and has an official process to become an Officially Supported Streamer


Malicious Intentions has also created a eSports Team for Fortnite.


They are currently sponsored by Overclocked Energy and NerdOrDie.